Lapis Lazuli Mala Necklace with Tassel

Lapis Lazuli Mala Necklace with Tassel

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A simple Mala necklace with beautiful blue Lapis Lazuli beads. They are hand knotted with contrasting yellow cord for durability and finished with a gorgeous multi-coloured tassel. 


Length of Necklace: 53cm

Materials: Lapis Lazuli, synthetic cord, tassel

Lapis Lazuli

Lapiz Lazuli was one of the most prized gemstones in ancient Egypt. It was used in most types of jewellery and even ground to make powder for eyeshadow. It was famously inlaid all over King Tutankhamen's sarcophagus. Lapis is a gemstone known for creating desire for knowledge, truth and understanding. Because of this it encourages honesty of spirit. It is also great to aid in communication.