About Me

Hi, I'm Liz, a creative, outgoing chatterbox who loves designing all types of jewellery.

My whole life I've always been around creative people. My mother always made her own clothes and my sister is incredibly talented at smocking and embroidery. I'd say that being creative is part of who I am, so it's no wonder I came to love designing jewellery. 

I started designing jewellery about 10 years ago (but it was a little on the casual side in those days). I have a beading buddy aka Sonya and we used to make jewellery for one reason only......to buy more supplies! Eventually, we made too much for ourselves and we went outside our comfort zone into the world of sales. 

What a world it became!

I launched Cherish as my business in 2011 where it became this amazing place of calm and joy, a hobby that made money (and satisfied that need to shop for more supplies and the occasional pair of shoes) but it also created something else. A smile here, laughter there, happy customers who told stories of why they wanted that particular piece of jewellery, stories that made me smile too. 

At the school where I work, my pieces that I design are talking points. Children love the colours, patterns and textures in my jewellery. They especially love being able to smell the fragrances when I wear my aromatherapy necklaces. It connects us, and they love to know that I made it or that their teacher is wearing something made by me. Nothing is better than watching their eyes light up when you say "I made this". 

I hope you love browsing around my store and finding all sorts of treasures - I really do hope that there is something for everyone!  I would also love to hear from you. Tell me what you would love me to create, share a story to make me smile, or just send me a hello - after all I do love a good chat!

Happy Shopping!

Liz xxx