Essential Oil Information

doTERRA Essential Oils

I offer doTERRA essential oils at Cherish. DoTERRA are a worldwide distributor of quality essential oils. I love using them in my DoTerra oil burner or on my essential oil pendants. Below are a few little tips that will help you use essential oils. This is not an extensive list though and always remember to use only as directed. 

Aromatherapy Essentials:

  • When adding essential oils to your jewellery (lava stone beads only) only add one drop of oil at a time. Try not to drown the beads in oils. Essential oils are strong so a less is more approach is needed.
  • Keep oils away from the metal and other gemstone or pearl beads present in the bracelet, the oil may damage their natural surface.
  • Essential oils can cause sensitivity in some people. Please make sure you have already tested oils before wearing near your skin.
  • Try and apply the oil in advance to allow the oil to absorb into the lava stone beads before wearing the bracelet. 
  • The Essential Oils can last up to a few days depending on the blend. Be careful not to use really caustic essential oils such as Citrus, Thyme, Cinnamon or Oregano on delicate surfaces.
  • Please do not let children or pets suck or chew on the jewellery after essential oils are added. Most essential oils are toxic if ingested.