Gold Aroma Cherish Bracelet
Gold Aroma Cherish Bracelet
Gold Aroma Cherish Bracelet

Gold Aroma Cherish Bracelet

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Frosted Agate beads are matched with natural lava stone to make this aromatherapy stretch bracelet. It is finished with Vermeil (gold plated) spacers and a Cherish charm. It can be worn as a regular bracelet or if you desire, essential oils can be added to be used as an aromatherapy bracelet. Please see below for more details.

Lava Stone:

Is naturally formed from volcanic magma. As it cools, air pockets form, leaving a porous stone which is ideal for the diffusion of essential oils.

As it is from the Earth it is a powerful grounding stone that is useful in calming emotions. It gives strength and courage to proceed with change and helps us to bounce back with its raw energy.


Is a great gemstone to help protect against health and energy drains. As it is a grounding gemstone it will help attract strength and create harmony around you. It is a wonderful gemstone for those that are always busy in their lives bringing a sense of calm and peace.


Aromatherapy Essentials:

  • When adding essential oils to your bracelet only add one drop of oil at a time. Try not to drown the beads in oils. Essential oils are strong so a less is more approach is needed.
  • Keep oils away from the metal and other gemstone beads present in the bracelet, the oil may damage their natural surface.
  • Essential oils can cause sensitivity in some people. Please make sure you have already tested oils before wearing near your skin.
  • Try and apply the oil in advance to allow the oil to absorb into the lava stone beads before wearing the bracelet. 
  • The Essential Oils can last up to a few days depending on the blend. Be careful not to use really caustic essential oils such as Citrus, Thyme, Cinnamon or Oregano.
  • Please do not let children or pets suck or chew on the bracelet after essential oils are added. Most essential oils are toxic if ingested.