Kookaburra Earrings
Kookaburra Earrings

Kookaburra Earrings

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Kookaburras have the best laugh in the world! Who hasn't mimicked the tell tale "koo-koo-koo-koo-kaa-kaa-kaa sometime in their life - I know I have.  In actual fact the laugh is a warning to other birds to stay away from his territory. It is also believed that they mate for life.

Each dangling Kookaburra has been hand painted by me in acrylic paint and sealed for durability. 

Made with bamboo laser cut designs, all my earrings are finished with all sterling silver earrings hooks.

Each pair of earrings comes wrapped up carefully and ready to give or receive as a gift. 

Measurements: Kookaburra 14 x 25mm, Length of Earrings: 54mm

Materials: Bamboo, Sterling Silver